What To Do If Social Security Card Is Stolen

What To Do If Social Security Card Is Stolen?

I have a friend who insists on carrying her social security card in her wallet. I have (repeatedly) tried to warn her of the dangers of that practice. I have explained to her that the social security card is the single biggest piece of information that could do damage if someone gets a hold of it. So, for her, the question of what to do if social security card is stolen may come true sooner rather than later.

There are many steps you can take to protect your precious information, including your social security number. If you take the precautions you may never have to worry about what to do if social security card is stolen.

Here is the number one way you can protect your social security card, as well as all your important information:

1. Never carry your social security card in your wallet. Why would you want to anyway? You don’t need it. You can just memorize the number and put the card away.

2. Put your social security card, as well as all important documents and unused credit cards, in a safe place. That safe place may be a safe deposit box or a safe right in your own home.

These small water proof and fire proof safes don’t cost very much but they can be very valuable in protecting your information.

If possible, bolt the safe to the floor so it is difficult to steal.

3. If you have any insurance or Medicaid cards that use your social security number as your identification number, you need to be careful with that too. Unlike your social security card, which doesn’t need to be carried with you, you do need to carry these insurance cards with you.

For that reason it is important to make sure that the ID numbers on those cards, that are actually your social security number, will be kept safe.

One thing you can do is make a copy of the front and back side of your insurance or Medicaid card. Then you can black out or cut out the last four digits of your social security / identification number.

Then just keep that piece of paper in your wallet or cut out both sides and tape or glue them together to make your own “card”.

The government, as well as top insurance companies, are starting to realize that this can put your social security number in danger and will eventually do away with using these numbers as ID numbers.

Until they do though, you can use this method to protect that number and still have your cards with you.

If your social security card is lost despite all your best efforts, you need to contact all 3 credit bureaus since the number can be used to steal your identity. Also, contact your local police department and file a report about your loss.

Hopefully, the information in this article will help you keep your social security card from being lost or stolen. And failing that, will help you know what to do if social security card is stolen.

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